Positive thinking

A large part of successful treatment involves training the mind to maintain positive attitude. Our brain plays a powerful role in physical health and many studies have shown that our moods and mindset can have direct impact to physical state. This is because positive thinking disperses endorphins which helps with pain relief, reducing stress and enhancement of immune system. In contrast, thinking negatively releases noradrenaline which can increase stress and anxiety. Therefore, training to maintain a healthy mentality is very important in speeding up the recovery process.

I uploaded a post on what might be an effective way to think positively. One effective way to think positively.

Also watch – a BBC documentary on how we could all benefit from ‘hidden power’ of empty tablets – explains how our minds can impact physical health.

The clinic also has ‘body and mind healing’ classes provided for patients which involve meditation, yoga and exercises which help patients to regain balance of body structure and mental stability.


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