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Herbal Medicine

At the clinic, herbal medicine is included as one of the treatment plans. Dr Lee has 30 years of experience in this field and uses remedies to suit individual needs. Herbal medicine is believed to be effective in treating:

  • Gastro-intestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney deficiencies

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin. At FCST clinic, the method used is dry cupping therapy which involves creating a small area of low air pressure next to the skin. This therapy allows enhancement of blood circulation, helps to resolve muscle tension and draw out toxins which promote faster recovery process. The treatment lasts 10 – 15 minutes per session.

Body exercises

Four Effective Full Body Exercises (to be performed with TBA – TMJ Balancing Appliance or OBA – Occlusion Balancing Appliance)

1. Jaw Stretching: Alignment of C1-C2
2. Neck Stretching: Alignment of C3-C7
3. Trunk Stretching: Alignment of Cervical-Thoracic-Lumbar-Sacral-Pelvic
4. Walking Exercise: Alignment of all spines, whole body muscle, entire joints

Positive thinking

A large part of successful treatment involves training the mind to maintain positive attitude. Our brain plays a powerful role in physical health and many studies have shown that our moods and mindset can have direct impact to physical state. This is because positive thinking disperses endorphins which helps with pain relief, reducing stress and enhancement of immune system. In contrast, thinking negatively releases noradrenaline which can increase stress and anxiety. Therefore, training to maintain a healthy mentality is very important in speeding up the recovery process.

I uploaded a post on what might be an effective way to think positively. One effective way to think positively.

Also watch – a BBC documentary on how we could all benefit from ‘hidden power’ of empty tablets – explains how our minds can impact physical health.

The clinic also has ‘body and mind healing’ classes provided for patients which involve meditation, yoga and exercises which help patients to regain balance of body structure and mental stability.



LSBT: Dr Lee’s Spine Balancer Technique

Dura mater spinalis passes through the spine which is positioned between the cranium and sacrum. Spinal dural tension may cause pain and muscle tension and restriction of cerebrospinal fluid circulation.  Spine Balancer aims to resolve spinal dural tension and rearrange the spine into an ideal position based on the principles of the lever (lump shaped surface of the device) and principles of gravity (weight of the body) which allows the user to enjoy the effects by simply lying on the device.

If Spine Balancer is used together with CST Pillow greater results can be experienced as it allows enhancement of posture and relief of muscle, ligament and fascia tension from the neck and shoulders down to the lower part of the spine.

Spine Balancer



LPBT : Dr Lee’s Pelvic Balance Technique

PBT is a pelvic adjustment technique developed by Dr. Lee, based on but further improved from the principles of SOT.

SOT(Sacro-Occipital Technique)

SOT is an alternative medicine technique which is helpful in recovering the normal circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and the normal structure of the spine by normalizing the function of cranial motion and sacroiliac joint under the principles of primary respiratory mechanism, gravitational force from the body weight and leverage over the fulcrum of SOT blocks, all of which effect may be enjoyed by just lying on your front on the blocks. A balanced pelvis allows the muscles around the pelvic limbs to have the same strength and also leads to Sacro-Occipital treatment effect.


 Related patents                                                                                                              National patent (Republic of Korea) : Patent No. 08-0050546        USA patent : US 12/364,424

Pelvic Balancer


LCST: Dr Lee’s Cranio Sacral Therapy Pillow

CranioSacral Therapy is a form of bodywork or alternative therapy focused primarily on the concept of “primary respiration” and regulating the flow of cerebrospinal fluid by using therapeutic touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium. It was developed by John Upledger, D.O. in the 1970s, and is loosely based on osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF). The therapy aims to resolve sutural jamming by applying pressure on skull, face, spine and pelvis.

This therapy is offered at the clinic using a pillow rather than direct treatment from a practitioner. The advantage of this is that patients can use it for as long as they like. The pillow allows patients to benefit from CV4 and CRI techniques which are effective in accelerating the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, strengthening the function of cranial nerves and relieving chronic tension in the stressed sympathetic nervous system.







International patent: Patent-2008-0050540                                     National patent (Republic of Korea): Patent No, 10-0926484   Design patent: patent number 3020100000667                         Registered trademark: 4020090051706


Generally, acupuncture is known to be effective in stimulating the nervous system and causing the release of neurochemical messenger molecules. The consequent biochemical changes affect the body’s homeostatic mechanisms and promote natural healing of physical and emotional deficiency.

With over 30 years experience in acupuncture, Dr Lee typically focuses on two acupuncture techniques – C fiber and YinYang balance. C fibers are found in the nerves of the somatic sensory system. If the C fibers are damaged the related muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascias can over tense or relax which may cause pain. The C fiber acupuncture technique allows recovery of damaged C fiber function. The YinYang balance acupuncture technique helps to regain the left/right, front/back body balance using the Conception and Governing vessel as basis.


fcst blog 2FCST clinic offers various therapies that are effective in relieving Dystonia symptoms. Many Dystonia patients may already be familiar with most of them, such as CranioSacral Therapy, Acupuncture and Positive Thinking. However, the therapy that allows full recovery from Dystonia (includes cervical, focal and other types of Dystonias) that is also unique to the clinic is Functional CerebroSpinal Therapy or FCST for short which was developed by Dr Lee. According to Dr Lee, the reason for this is because the therapy resolves the fundamental cause of Dystonia and other neurological disorders.

So What is FCST?

The therapy essentially resolves the following two structural problems:

  1. Imbalance of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) using intraoral balancing appliances. Dr Lee uses 3 different types of balancing appliances (CBA, TBA and OBA). These are different to splints or other intraoral appliances provided from ordinary dentists:

CBA – (Cervical Balancing appliance)

A disposable custom made intraoral balancing appliance (to be worn only once upto 1 hour) which allows balance of TMJ at the optimal freeway space (also referred to as zero point) to the individual according to the cranial and spine structure until deflection* (see ‘Deflections‘). This appliance is worn during Chuna (similar to chiropractic) therapy for alignment of C1 and C2.

TBA and OBA – (TMJ Balancing Appliance) and (Occlusion Balancing Appliance)

Made of elastic material to accommodate for different occlusion and TMJ structure in individuals and is effective in balancing the TMJ throughout day and night.  Occlusion balancing appliance (OBA) is for patients who also have problems with occlusion (typically for Class 2 and Class 3 malocclusion). Patients are asked to wear this device for as long as possible for faster treatment. Patients may feel pain as occlusion changes but once the optimal occlusion is achieved teeth will no longer move and cause pain.



TBA BLOG  OBA BLOG TBA                                                                          OBA

2.  Distorted upper cervical vertebrae C1 and C2, also known as        Atlas and Axis, by using Chuna (similar to chiropractic) manipulation to realign them whilst wearing CBA.


Other therapies at the clinic

Other sub therapies, together with FCST, offered at the clinic help to fasten the recovery process. Ultimately, the whole treatment aims to:

  1. Rebalance the body structure from TMJ to the pelvis
  2. Stabilize the nervous system
  3. Regain mental stability