October 2013 aged 24, I was diagnosed with Generalised Dystonia. The symptoms started in June 2013, from the legs which gradually spread upwards to the rest of the body. At first, no one could see that there was anything wrong with me but I had a strange feeling of muscles moving uncontrollably. I thought it was a temporary condition that would soon disappear. However, it gradually spread to the rest of the body and once it reached the jaw muscles I became very anxious. I started to worry that the condition may be permanent and cause serious damage to the body.

From then on (September 2013), the symptoms became visible – quite often I had uncontrollable shaking and twisting, hypertension, panic attacks and vertigo. Not only that, I had episodes of pain randomly attacking different parts of the body and it even got to the point where I thought the condition might be life threatening. I even left last words for my mum as I thought this might be the end. The feeling of despair and hopelessness is almost indescribable. I was lost in complete darkness. At times, it felt like I was on the edge of a precipice with no one to help me and nowhere else to turn.

Finally, with the help from my mum, I made a resolute decision to receive treatment in South Korea although I was unsure whether it would be successful.

Miraculously, on 21st Jan. 2014 I returned to the UK after being fully cured of Dystonia and TMD. It may sound overdramatic but I felt responsible as one of the fortunate ones, to share my experience and make people aware that Dystonia is curable. Thus, I decided to make this blog in the hope that it would be helpful to those (and their families) who are facing struggles every day.

3 thoughts on “Prologue”

  1. Hello, I’m so happy to hear of your recovery! I have Cervical Dystonia but not TMJ. Can you tell me if you think it would still work on me and how long were you in South Korea? Also, do you mind sharing the price? Thanks for your time! The idea of getting help sounds so great! Missy Doby

    1. Hi Missy Doby,

      Thanks for reading the blog. I’m not a professional so can’t advise you on whether the treatment would work on you. I was there for 4 months although for some patients it takes longer. In terms of treatment costs, it depends on the period and the frequency of treatments and there are different treatment plans so the price can differ greatly between individuals. The best thing to do is to contact the clinic directly to get advice on the treatment and costs. Dr Lee’s email is
      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

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