Deflections explained

All patients who receive FCST, experience something called ‘Deflections’. I decided to upload a post on this because it is a very important part of the treatment process and all patients need to be aware of it.

There are two points to be aware of first:

1) deflection occurs within one hour for majority of patients – it occurs when the optimal balance of TMJ achieved during treatment (CBA fitting) is no longer optimal due to the structural and muscular changes in the rest of the body. When this occurs, patients are asked to take out the CBA and switch to the standard device -TBA or OBA until the next treatment.

2) deflection reaction (also referred to as Myung Hyun reaction) means the physical changes experienced by patients as deflections occur during the treatment process.

Patients should overcome these ‘deflection reactions’ as efficiently as possible for successful treatment. I have also observed this in other patients and myself (including Dystonia and Tourettes sufferers) – those who handle deflections well recover much faster than others who don’t. Sometimes, the extent of deflections are severe and many patients doubt the treatment taking it as signs of getting worse. This situation is called the ‘Healing Crisis’ because it can lead patients to discontinue the treatment altogether.

Here is a detailed explanation of ‘Deflections’ from Dr Lee:

Patients receiving Functional Cerebro Spinal Therapy (FCST) are asked to be aware of various physical changes (‘myung-hyun’ reactions, deflections in English) that occur during the treatment process until their symptoms are completely cured.

The human body responds to medical treatment through what is called the Law of Cure, as explained by Dr. Constantine Hering.
In regards to the intensifying process of diseases, when a chronic disease is being cured, its process goes back, in exactly the reverse order as the symptoms have appeared (or been suppressed). In
other words: “When a human body changes from a ‘state of disease’ to a ‘state of health’ through treatment, the chronic disease disappears and the body regains its normality. In this process, new
symptoms occur, and the body experiences a ‘rewinding process’, which replays the same process that the disease had gone through while intensifying, but now backwards.” Hering explains this as
the ‘Law of Cure’ enticed by the ‘Law of Rewinding’.

When a disease is being cured, the human body finds a way to let the disease out. This process occurs from the top part and downwards to the bottom part of the body and is the exact reverse of how the disease had manifested itself.

Dr. Lee also states that the Law of Cure applies to most cases of chronic diseases being naturally cured. He calls it a type of physical change, or myung-hyun reaction, and that it is a positive sign that
the body’s immune system is being normalized.

However, whereas the myung-hyun response could often be refreshing and comfortable, it could also be very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. In the former case, most patients accept it easily because they think it is a visible result of their current treatment. In the latter case, patients start to question the doctor’s treatment and
sometimes even start to lose faith in the doctor. Dr. Hering defines this as ‘healing crisis’, and observes that in this crisis patients may feel the urge to stop their treatment.

Depending on the progress and intensity of the original disease, the severity of the physical reaction (myung-hyun or deflection) is proportionate to or even greater than that of the disease itself .
Therefore, if patients experience uncomfortable and painful physical response during the treatment process, they should recognize this as a ‘healing crisis’. Talk to your doctor about this, and keep up
the treatment.

As temporarily refreshing and comfortable physical reactions must occur as part of the healing process, so must temporarily uncomfortable and painful reactions. If you are going through FCST and have read this, I believe that you now understand the concept of ‘healing process’. Especially if your disease is a chronic, painful, major, or hard-to-cure one, our body will experience a rapid increase in energy, accompanied with major physical changes.
Moreover, as Dr. Hering stated that the healing crisis is a natural phenomenon that occurs as the immune system is being normalized and the spirit and morale of the body fiercely fight back against the

In the same sense of Dr. Hering’s explanation, during the FCST treatment process invented by Dr. Lee, patients experience a healing process with ‘deflections’.
As harmful stimuli accumulate in the body over a long time, the structures of the cranial, spinal, and nervous system gradually collapse. At the same time, painful diseases and symptoms form. This
makes it impossible for the body to recover completely after only a few sessions of simple treatment.

Therefore, to normalize the physical structure and system, scores of, or even hundreds of gradual treatment sessions are essential, depending on the types of symptoms and the intensity of the
disease. In FCST, thus, a deflection is defined as ‘every one step toward healing’, and the ‘correction of the deflection’ as ‘treatment’ or ‘healing’. In Cerebro Functional Medicine (CFM) and its treatment FCST, Dr. Hering’s ‘healing crisis’ is explained as ‘the great deflection’, when symptoms flare up more intensely than with just a simple deflection.

In short, in cases of chronic and hard-to-cure diseases patients must experience the ‘great deflection’ during treatment every time the energy level of the body increases. The painful symptoms that
accompany the great deflection are positive signs that the disease is being cured. Therefore, for every great deflection, both the patient and the doctor should keep faith in the treatment so that the
treatment process progresses successfully.

I hope that you now understand the idea of deflections, or myung-hyun reactions, and the great deflections. The more severe your deflections are, the greater your physical changes. However
painful, they are only temporary and part of the healing process. Healing crises, or the great deflections, are to be grateful for; take them as an opportunity to have more hope in a healthier you.
For all of you who are reading this, if you want fast healing, please keep a positive attitude for everyone around you. Be thankful, love, and forgive.

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