Mum left quite early in the morning. I thought I’d be crying and begging her not to go but surprisingly I was able to maintain a composed state. After she left I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to test something before going to the clinic. Dr Lee always stressed that I should not wear CBA for more than an hour and if I felt anything uncomfortable within the hour I should take it off immediately. But so far, I have never experienced discomfort while wearing CBA so I thought it might be more effective if I wore it for more than an hour. I woke up at 3 a.m. and could not get back to sleep so I took of OBA and put CBA on (I had already put this for an hour the day before) until 9 a.m so in total I had it on for 6 hours. I still could not feel any difference and when I went to the clinic that morning I told Dr Lee about it. He then told me that I should not wear it for longer than an hour and explained why – even if I do not feel any discomfort deflection still occurs within an hour and it is important not to wear it after deflection because it can make the condition worse. Oops.. serves me right for being rebellious!

And today, for the first time I did some walking exercises for about an hour. I did feel a little embarrassed walking around with OBA on and I was conscious that people may look at me strangely as it makes me look quite ugly (a bit like a gorilla)… I felt less tired but I felt my muscles moving around more, although it was not visible to other people). I noticed that I yawned a lot but I felt less anxious.

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