1. I have been dealing with Spasmodic Torticollis for almost 26 years. The first onset, I was 22 and pregnant with my first child. It began with a slow uncontrollable head turning to the right. The more it increased, the more I would tense. It pulled to the left and spasms began, and worsened to the point of being bed ridden. After the baby was born, it improved and by my child’s 1st birthday, I was able to work again. If I get the slightest self-conscious it will pull to the right and shake. I had horrible relapse in 2002 that lasted 12 months. I was not able to work for 8 months, and I received Botox injections and was able to work again. I began to have another relapse back in 2012 but caught it early and went and received another round of Botox. This relapse began 5 weeks ago and is steadily getting worse. I am to go for Botox injections tomorrow, November 18th, 2014. I pray that they help. I have been under enormous stress this year and I think that this disorder shows itself after enduring a great amount of stress.

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