I had all the time to myself as the clinic was closed today and I decided to I walk to town after having failed to go shopping on Sunday (I was too lazy). It took half an hour to walk to town shopping mall and I managed to get my haircut which I’m very happy with. Over the past few days I have pushed myself a little and did more exercise than Dr Lee recommended. And I do feel a difference, my body feels less heavy and I can notice my concentration has improved. I also feel less depressed and I can control my moods a lot better.

What I also noticed though is that my face is very itchy and found myself scratching a lot. It felt quite strange and I was eager to find out the reason for it. Wondering if I can find it on the handout that the nurse gave me on the first day I decided to read it properly (at first I didn’t read this thoroughly because it is quite long (has 15 pages!) and lack of concentration certainly did not help). In the handout there was a list of possible deflection effects and to my surprise ‘itchiness’ was one of them. In the handout it explained that it is due to toxins, bodily waste and heavy metals being discharged from the body as the systems such as blood circulation and hormonal regulation enhance. During that process, it may temporarily cause rash on the skin, excess eye discharge, acne and itchiness. I felt relieved after finding out and spent the rest of the evening watching TV and doing FCST exercises. Tomorrow I’ll be going to the clinic for treatments but I’m quite nervous about acupuncture because it was painful last time. Hoping it won’t be.

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