I finally managed to get some sleep! For 7 hours I slept during the night but for strange reason I felt more worn out and found myself yawning every few minutes. So I went to the clinic first thing in the morning instead of doing exercise beforehand. Once again, my jaw would not stop trembling while I was having CBA fitted so it was really difficult. I had deflections about 3 times today; it really does not seem good. I am wondering whether the treatment is actually effective? No one else in the clinic seem to have trembling jaw when they are having the treatment while I can’t even bite properly without a mirror. It is strange though, whilst these thoughts are going through my head I am a lot calmer and less irritated… I often had uncontrollable heart thumps throughout the day but it seems less frequent. I hope this is a good sign.

I could only manage 30 minutes of walking today. I think I’m getting more comfortable though with walking outside with OBA on. I don’t really care if people look at me strangely; they have no idea what it is like to have Dystonia and if having a mouthpiece will make things better I could not care less if I look like a gorilla.

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