My stomach problems have been on and off for the past few weeks and now I’m starting to realize that it is part of deflection symptoms. I am experiencing some good improvements though; concentration has definitely improved and finding it easier and easier to sit down for longer, before sitting down for anything longer than 10 minutes was like torture. I also feel less anxious about not having the TMJ balancing appliance on – it doesn’t mean that muscles don’t move at all, however, I feel that as concentration shifts away from the muscle spasm the less frequent it gets. I realize that the muscle spasm has stopped (although not sure when) after focusing on something else for a while.

Also, another good news is that my teeth have moved significantly and my bite is almost normal – my front upper teeth used to cover significant part of my lower teeth (Dr Lee referred to this as Class 2 malocclusion, overbite) but OBA has changed the bite. Now I have been told to switch to TBA now that the upper teeth and lower teeth meet where they should. I really hope that this means it’s not too long to go.

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