04/10/13 Third day at the clinic and worst deflection experienced

I woke up early in the morning but having only slept for a couple of hours I was very tired. During the night I wore OBA which helped to relieve the pains but for some reason it made muscle spasms worse. Quite often, my arms, legs and head were shaking and muscles around the jaw were moving constantly. That morning, I had to go into town to get a CT and Xray done at medical centre specializing in scans and my parents came with me. It seemed that the clinic have been dealing with the medical centre for a while as they knew exactly what to do without me having to explain everything. The Xray were taken on the face, neck and torso, once without OBA and then another with OBA. It was same for CT scans. It did take a while as they took at several angles and as tired and irritated as I was I had to lie down in the waiting area on the chairs. After 20 minutes, they gave us a CD with Xray and Scan photos and told us to give it to the receptionist at FCST clinic.

We arrived back at the clinic around 11 a.m. and I saw some doctors in the treatment room who were participating in FCST professional course run by Dr Lee himself. I was invited into the room and Dr Lee showed me the Xray and CT scans from his computer. He explained that my cervical vertebrae (the top of the spine) was distorted which could be clearly seen, my neck seemed to be tilted to the left compared to the normal spine. The CT scan also showed that the Atlas (the first vertebra) was tilted to the left. It was very useful to see distortion of the spine from different angles.

Then he proceeded with the first treatment of the day but after the first CBA (custom made intraoral appliance) I suddenly had a non epileptic seizure, causing uncontrollable shaking of the whole body which made it impossible to sit down. The nurses helped me to one of the beds where I lied down and continued shaking. The level of anxiety was at peak, probably the highest I have ever felt; it was more like a panic attack. After 10 minutes I stopped shaking but I was still nervous, hyper tensed and exhausted. It was impossible to get further treatments that day. We went to a nearby emergency unit to see if there was anything to reduce the anxiety. The doctor suggested taking sleeping pills to get some sleep but I was afraid that I might never wake up (might sound quite drastic but I’m sure people suffering from anxiety issues will understand how I felt then) so I refused. I had drips put in for nutritional supplement as I was not eating very well that week and after I calmed down my mother managed to convince me to take some sleeping pills. Thanks to the pills I managed to get some sleep during the day and felt a lot better by the evening. Dinner was my first meal of the day (which my mother kindly prepared for me) and after that I had herbal medicine provided by the clinic. It did not taste very nice unfortunately but I followed the instructions from Dr Lee. During the night I tried to sleep again but found it quite difficult because of the persistent muscle movements (not the shaking, just the sensations) and I was still quite panicky.

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